SCSC ’23 Rules

As the South Coast Summer Classic draws ever closer, we’re dedicated to ensuring that everyone is well-versed in the rules and regulations that will govern this thrilling event. We invite you to peruse the outlined rules for each day of the tournament, as it is imperative that all teams are acquainted with these guidelines for a seamless and exhilarating experience.

Day 1 Rules: Saturday, August 26th

🏀 FIBA Rules: For the most part, the tournament will adhere to Standard FIBA rules. For comprehensive details, please refer to: FIBA Basketball Rules
⏱️ 3-Minute Whistle: At the commencement of each time slot, referees will initiate a 3-minute whistle, allowing teams to prepare and warm up.
⏲️ Game Duration: Matches will encompass 2 x 15-minute halves, with a maximum of 1 minute for half-time.
⏱️ Time-Outs: Each team will be granted 1 time-out per game, affording a strategic pause for discussions and regrouping.
⏲️ Clock Management: During the last 1 minute of the second half, the clock will be stopped, ensuring precision and intensity during the game’s pivotal moments.
🤜🤛 Personal Fouls: Personal fouls will be reduced to 4, a slight modification to standard rules.
🏀 Team Fouls: A multiplier of 5 for team fouls will be in place.

🔄 Substitutions: Substitutions can occur after your own made basket or during a Dead Ball situation. Ensure that you make your presence known to the table as usual.
⚖️ Overtime: In the event of a tie at the close of regulation time, a golden basket rule will dictate overtime.

Day 2 Rules: Sunday, August 27th – Championship and Plate Competitions

🔄 Continuation of Day 1 Rules: The regulations established for Day 1 will persist in both the Championship and Plate Competitions on Day 2.
⚖️ Overtime: In case of a tie, overtime will consist of a 1-minute period, offering teams a brief window to break the tie and secure victory.
⏱️ Clock Management: During the last 2 minutes of the second half, the clock will be halted, ensuring precision and intensity in the critical junctures of the game.

Any unsportsmanlike, or dangerous play, may result in game suspensions.

We hold firmly to the belief that a thorough understanding of these rules will contribute to an exhilarating and unforgettable basketball journey. We encourage all participants to familiarize themselves with these regulations and to approach our referees or officials with any queries or clarifications.

As we eagerly anticipate the commencement of this tournament, let’s uphold the spirit of the game and come together in the name of competition and sportsmanship. The South Coast Summer Classic is set to showcase incredible skills, teamwork, and camaraderie.

Thank you for your participation and dedication, and we look forward to witnessing your outstanding performances at the Solent Sports Complex!